May 30 – June 3, 2018, Ottawa, Canada

Preliminary Program


SPEAKERS Program—Call for Papers

Proposals for papers are invited on all aspects of medallic art, both historical and contemporary. The theme of the principal sequence of papers will be:

Women and the Art Medal

Since the Renaissance the portraits of powerful and influential women have appeared on medals, and nowadays a wide range of medals celebrate women and their many roles in society. Over the centuries medals have also been created, commissioned, awarded and collected by women as well as men. You are invited to speak about the roles of women in the imagery, design, production, dissemination and collection of medals from the 15th century to modern times..

Papers on other subjects will be considered for other sequences.

Papers may be given in English or French. The length of each lecture will be 20 minutes, after which there will be some time for discussion. All media presentations must be prepared using computer presentation software. No slide projectors or overhead projectors will be available and you may not use your own laptop. Presenters are encouraged to use Microsoft PowerPoint as their presentation media. The conference venue will provide computers and media projectors for PowerPoint presentations.

The deadline for proposals is September 30, 2017. Please bear in mind that not all proposals may be accepted.

Proposals should include:

  • The title of the proposed paper.
  • The author’s name and full contact information.
  • An indication of whether your proposed paper fits within the theme or should be placed in another sequence of papers.
  • A brief abstract of max 250 words.

Please send your proposals to Lynden Beesley at:

All papers will be published in FIDEM’s journal Médailles, which will act as the record of the Proceedings of the XXXV Congress.



Bursaries of up to 2,000 euro are available to help artists who will be under 30 on 28th May 2018 to attend the FIDEM XXXV Congress in Ottawa, Canada

These bursaries have been made possible through the generosity of the University of Bergen.  The bursaries will be allocated by a sub-committee of FIDEM’s Executive Committee consisting of FIDEM’s Vice-Presidents Maria -Rosa Figueiredo and Ron Dutton.

 Applications must be received by the Secretary General by 30 October 2017 by email ( and should be submitted by artists through the national delegates.  Applicants will be notified of FIDEM’s decision by 30th November 2017

 Applicants should submit:

  • a letter explaining why the application is being submitted (PDF)
  • a curriculum vitae, which must include date of birth and home/college address (PDF)
  • a portfolio of work (PDF)

Successful applicants will be required to attend the FIDEM congress. An experienced medal-maker as a mentor will be nominated for each successful applicant.  This mentor will advise the successful applicant on medal making throughout 2018-2019 so that he/she is in a good position to submit medals to the 2020 FIDEM exhibition.  (Note that acceptance of such medals for the FIDEM exhibition is at the discretion of the relevant FIDEM national Delegate.)



Any member wishing to present a workshop is asked to submit a proposal. We are interested in new techniques, particularly in the areas of medal production and molding . Please send the proposals to