Medal Submission Forms



New information concerning the PRO FORMA FORM and the ATA carnets.


With this new form you will NOT need an ATA carnet when sending the medals from your country. Please do follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Inform Susan Taylor about the number of medals you are sending by emailing her at:  
  2. Wait for Susan Taylor to send you the Letter of Certification. This form/letter will have Susan Taylor’s signature on it.
  3. Please fill in the new Pro Forma Invoice by listing all the medals. It is very important that the number of medals listed must be the same as on the Certification form. Please number the medals consecutively and put the corresponding number on each individual medal. This does not have to be on the medal itself but on the individual packaging. You should make a copy of this form because it will be useful when you ship the medals.
  4. Place the Letter of Certification and the Pro Forma Invoice inside the medal package together with all the General Information Forms and the submission forms.
  5. It is very important to ensure that the total shipment value is under 2,500.00 Canadian dollars.
  6. If you have followed all the steps correctly, the organizers have been informed that the shipment will then not require an ATA carnet.

Included with this e-mail are the documents that the delegates and the members need to fill in.

 A reminder of the following deadlines:

1.     The medals should have arrived at Susan Taylor’s  by 15th October 2017.

2.     Lynden Beesley should receive the proposals for lectures by 30th September 2017.

3.     The applications for the student bursaries should have been emailed via to me ( by 30th October 2017.


Information for Medal Submissions for FIDEM XXXV
Information pour la médaille soumissions pour FIDEM XXXV




October 15, 2017 / 15 Octobre 2017

Artists submitting a medal for FIDEM XXXV must adhere to the theme as outlined below. The maximum dimension of any one medal is 150mm by 150mm by 150mm. Medals exceeding this will not be accepted. Artists please indicate the top of the medal for display purposes. Only one medal per artist will be illustrated in the exhibition catalogue. If you are submitting more than one medal, please identify your chosen medal on the Submission Form. Artists must complete one typed Submission Form for each medal they wish to showcase at the FIDEM XXXV Exhibit. Please complete the photography release form.

Les artistes qui soumettent une médaille pour le FIDEM XXXV doivent adhérer au thème décrit ci-dessous. La dimension maximale d'une médaille est 150mm par 150mm par 150mm. Les médailles supérieures à ce montant ne seront pas acceptées. Artistes s'il vous plaît indiquer le haut de la médaille pour l'affichage. Une seule médaille par artiste sera illustrée dans le catalogue de l'exposition. Si vous soumettez plus d'une médaille, veuillez indiquer votre médaille choisie sur le formulaire de soumission. Les artistes doivent remplir un formulaire de soumission dactylographié pour chaque médaille qu'ils souhaitent présenter à l'exposition FIDEM XXXV. Veuillez compléter le formulaire de publication de photos.


Delegates must review all Submission Forms to ensure compliance with the exhibit criteria. Delegates must forward all submission forms electronically in alphabetical order. This will ensure that all artist statements will be copied and printed correctly in the catalogue. Be aware that an ATA Carnet may be required for shipment to Canada. An ATA Carnet is an internationally recognized customs document. Each Delegate must ship all medals with a printed copy of the submission forms in the shipment. Please send the pro-forma invoice with the shipment. Delegates will be invited personally to upload the completed files to Dropbox.

Les délégués doivent examiner tous les formulaires de soumission pour s'assurer qu'ils respectent les critères de l'exposition. Les délégués doivent transmettre tous les formulaires de soumission par voie électronique par ordre alphabétique. Cela garantira que toutes les déclarations de l'artiste seront copiées et imprimées correctement dans le catalogue. N'oubliez pas qu'un Carnet ATA peut être requis pour être expédié au Canada. Un Carnet ATA est un document douanier internationalement reconnu. Chaque délégué doit expédier toutes les médailles avec une copie imprimée des formulaires de soumission dans l'envoi. Veuillez envoyer la facture pro-forma avec l'envoi. Les délégués seront invités personnellement à télécharger les fichiers complets dans Dropbox.


Send your medal shipment to / Envoyez votre médaille à

Vice-Delegate Susan Taylor
560 Maple Lane East
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada  K1M 0N6

For questions about shipping / Pour toute questions concernant l’expédition, contact Susan Taylor at


Medal Theme

Women and Women in the Natural Sciences


The Canadian Museum of Nature building was used in 1918 by the Canadian Parliament due to a fire in the House of Parliament. It was in this building that the law of women’s emancipation was enacted. Because of this the CMN has announced that for this Congress the theme of all the medals will be Women. There will also be a special category of Women in Natural Science.

Women  |  The medals to be chosen for the FIDEM XXXV exhibit will celebrate the contributions and achievements women have made to society. The contribution could be in commerce, politics, nutrition, fashion, and family, to name a few. The achievements could be recent or have taken place centuries ago. The possibilities are endless. This contribution and/or achievement by a woman can have been within your own country or community or could be about any woman that you believe has made a difference in the lives of others. As well as medals featuring individual women, medals that make more general statements about the contribution that women make to society will be welcome.

Women in the Natural Sciences  |  The theme of Women in the Natural Sciences is a special category celebrating the contributions and achievements women have made in the field of natural sciences such as biology, zoology, botany, geology, geography, astronomy to name a few. This contribution and/or achievement by a woman can have been within your own country or community or could be about any woman that you believe has made a difference to our understanding of the world we live in. The medals for Women in the Natural Sciences will be displayed as a group. The best medal in the Women in the Natural Sciences category will be awarded a prize. This prize is separate from the prize given to the best in show.



If you have any questions concerning the theme criteria, please contact Susan Taylor at